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Agent VIP Concierge Service

We're excited to announce our new Agent VIP Concierge Service for retail agents! Referring to Insured Solutions just got easier and more rewarding!

No registration needed, no points to monitor and nothing you need to keep track of. Keep producing quality submissions from your clients and keep referring them to us and we'll keep you posted on your VIP status. Just do what you do best and we'll do the rest!

Agent VIP Concierge PDF

Agent VIP Benefits!

  • VIP Concierge Desk Hotline. You'll have an 800 number that's shared only with our VIPs. By contacting our VIP Desk, you'll get coverage and other questions answered immediately. Within hours, your concierge assistant will get you answers to all questions - not days. And we will follow up to make sure you have all of the information you need.
  • Expedited Indications. Assuming submissions are complete and missing information is supplied quickly, your indications will take priority to non VIPs.
  • Increased Commissions. Once you hit three sold PEO accounts in a year (beginning 11-1-17 through 11-1-18), you'll get an additional 0.50% commission for each deal over three.
  • Special Sales Contests Only for VIP Agents. To be announced.
  • Invitations to Private Events with Carrier Underwriters. You're serious about closing deals and we're serious about connecting you with the people who make it happen. Fun, informative events with our top carriers will keep you in the know and will help you cultivate industry relationships.
  • Special Fun Events. Travel, sporting events, golf events, concerts, exclusive restaurants. We want to wine and dine you and treat you like the special VIP that you are. You'll know you're appreciated every day as an Insured Solutions VIP Agent.
  • Agency Contingency Bonuses. Additional bonuses will be offered for agencies meeting sales and retention goals agency-wide. (meet loss ratio goals, low cancellation rate, etc.) Details TBA.

What do you have to do to maintain VIP status?

  • Maintain your appointment in good standing (as per marketing agreement).
  • Provide complete submission and respond to underwriting questions promptly.
  • Exceed 5 sold PEO deals of Insured Solutions products per calendar year.

How will you know you've qualified for VIP status and additional perks?

We'll tell you! We'll track and keep you posted on perks you've earned and will let you know when you're within striking distance of a new one. Remember, there's nothing you have to do to remain in the VIP program except do what you do best - refer and sell quality deals! Congratulations and we look forward to doing more business together!