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Can Employers Require COVID-19 Vaccines for In-Office Employees?

As employees begin to transition back to in-office work after months of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both employees and their employers may be wondering: can an employer require returning employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination before returning to the workplace? 
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Preventing Summer Slump

When the temperature goes up, the productivity rate goes down. This is because of the dreaded “summer slump,” a phenomenon where workplaces experience poor productivity and low attendance during the summer months. If you’re noticing your employees daydreaming about sandy beaches instead of paying attention to their work, here are a few ways to beat the summer slump and keep your team motivated all summer long. 
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Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Language

In all areas of life, communication is key. Good communication helps us show gratitude, express concerns, avoid misunderstanding, and ensure that our needs are met. Communication is also very important to sales and using the right language can help insurance agents build connections, increase their sales, and satisfy their clients. To improve your sales language and communications, three important areas to focus on are brevity, clarity, and urgency. 
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4 Common Characteristics of Workplace Leaders

While everyone on your team is hopefully dedicated, passionate, and hardworking, you likely have an employee who truly sticks out as a natural leader. When you have a great leader among your employees, they can inspire and encourage other employees, take the reins on important projects or goals, and help your business run more efficiently. But how do you identify a leader among your employees? To find out who the leaders are within your team, look for some of these common characteristics of great workplace leaders. 
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