Apps to De-stress Employees

Stress contributes to employee illness, absence and turnover; and impacts on-the-job happiness, productivity and even safety.

Prevention is essential, but regardless of the causes, finding a way to decrease tension and anxiety is easier than ever with apps designed to combat stress. Many are free. 
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Don’t Love Sales? You Can Still Be Effective

Don’t Love Sales? You Can Still Be Effective.

You’re in sales. So, why do you hate it? Maybe it’s the label “sales.” Or you may not want to be pushy. Or you want to avoid being thought of as a “used car salesman/person (UCS).” 
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Pitch Wars: the Gender Bias Behind the Idea of a “Professional Voice”

Is Your Voice Damaging Your Career?

Our voices are part of our character, and naturally, those around us make assumptions based on it. Studies show that people tend to trust lower speaking voices more, does that reveal a gender bias or an innate response? Below you’ll read two perspectives on the topic, from two different people. 
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Join Our New Agent VIP Program!

We’re excited to share with you that we now have an Agent VIP Concierge Program. This loyalty program has been designed to reward our top producing agents with an elite status level.

With this new VIP status, our aim is to provide you a level of service previously unknown in the commercial insurance industry. 
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