Does it Work to Play?


It may sound like Opposite World, but more employers than ever are turning to play as a way to boost work performance.  
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“Good Guys or Bad Guys”: Which Employee Gets Ahead?


Most employers value integrity and sincerity – behavior we think of as “good.” If that’s true, why do we perceive that “bad actors” among us get ahead faster and in greater numbers? 
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How to Deal More Effectively with Introverts as Prospects.

Talk Less, Listen More

It’s a big world. Lots of sales possibilities and buyer personalities. If you’re in sales, chances are you score high on the “extrovert” scale. 
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Prescription Drug Abuse: Being There for Your Employees Saves Money and Lives.

Recently, the National Safety Council released an eye-opening study about prescription drug abuse. According to the survey, 71% of employers are currently feeling the direct impact of prescription drug misuse in their workplaces. 65% say they would consider it a fireable offense. However, only 39% of employers view prescription drug use as a threat to safety, and only 24% feel it is a problem.

When it comes to prescription drug abuse, these responses have seemed to uncover a disconnect between an employer’s perception and the facts. Here are a few of those facts, also from the analysis: 
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