Employee Wellness


A healthy workforce is a happy and efficient workforce. Healthy employees have fewer sick days and may be less likely to become injured on the job. Employers who recognize the importance of their employees’ health are taking measures to ensure that the people who work for them take care of themselves. Healthy people aren’t just healthy physically, they’re healthy emotionally. Below are some examples of current trends in workplace:

Wearable Technology 
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The Evolving Workplace


When your grandfather went to the office, he had a heavy black phone on his desk that rang with an actual bell inside. He rolled carbon paper into his typewriter to make copies, or used the mimeograph machine if multiple people needed to read his report. There was a water cooler in the corner, everyone knew everyone else’s family from the corporate picnic, and the punch clock was right next to the door as you left.

When your father went to the office, the typewriter was replaced by a massive (and massively expensive) beige computer that was going to change the company forever. Fax machines were the absolute cutting edge of technology. Financial planners popped in to explain new retirement devices called 401Ks. Employee turnover meant that it was harder and harder to know co-workers, let alone their families. And punch clocks gave way to timesheets. 
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Food trucks are fun, but are they fun to insure?



One of the hippest and fastest-growing trends in casual dining is mobile food services – more commonly known as the food truck. Food trucks have experienced explosive growth in the past three years, and the amount of new businesses opening in the past year is up 15%. Outdoor events such as farmer’s markets and local pop-ups love food trucks for their ease of setup and quirky homegrown personality, and customers love the quick service and variety of dining options available. 
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The Construction Industry: Sales Tips for Insurance Agents


The construction industry is a great niche market for insurance agents. These specialty clients have a variety of needs – from surety bonds and workers’ compensation insurance to coverage on property, equipment, and commercial vehicles. However, the market is also saturated with agents attempting to make their pitch with tactics like low short-term pricing and slashed services. So how can you secure that you lock down the business while keeping standards high? Here are a few ideas:

Find the best insurance companies for construction – In order to get competitive quotes with all the extras intact, you’ll want to make sure the companies you represent are actually motivated to insure contractors. The degree of interest in the construction industry from carriers may differ significantly based on your area. Start the conversation with a potential construction client about who they use and why. This can often give you some insight as to which carriers may best fit their needs. 
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