How to Fight Back Against Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Part 2

return to work pt2

Part Two of Two on Fighting Fraud with Insured Solutions

In our last blog, we told you a little about Workers’ Comp Fraud and how it can be committed, either knowingly or unknowingly, by both employees and health care providers. Today’s subject matter is a little brighter – we’ll explain Insured Solutions’ step-by-step plan to combat Workers’ Comp Fraud and get businesses (and their employees) back on track after an injury. 
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White House Announces Final Rule on Overtime Pay

Dept of Labor Ruling

A new rule was announced by the White House Tuesday, May 17, 2016 (under President Obama’s direction)-  any employee making a salary of less than $47,476 will automatically qualify for overtime pay (when working more than 40hrs wk). This will almost double the current $23,660 threshold.  It is expected that over 4.2 million Americans, will qualify for this boost in their wages. This ruling will go into effect on December 1, 2016. 

To get further clarification, let’s take a look at the following information taken from The United States Department of Labor’s website:  
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Changing Misperceptions About Manufacturing Jobs

Changing Misperceptions About Manufacturing Jobs

The manufacturing sector is showing a job creation trend and economists expect that it will do so for the next decade, but people question whether there will be workers to fill those jobs. People complain of a skills gap in many business sectors, including manufacturing, but the manufacturing industry has unique barriers to fixing the problem.

Manufacturing jobs have a negative connotation. Many view them as dirty, dangerous jobs that require little skill and pay badly. Recent surveys state that parents of teens wouldn’t encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career, and teens show little interest in doing so. The good news is that parents and teens are agreeing on something. The bad news is that they’re wrong! 
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Returning an Employee to Work After an Injury


Let’s face it,  no one wants an employee to sustain an injury on the job. All other considerations aside, a person is hurt, and the only real focus should be on him or her recovering from that injury.

Bringing an injured employee back to work too soon can be disastrous, but at the same time, making sure he or she comes back to work as soon as they’re able to is important to the company’s bottom line. Why? Glad you asked. 
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