Making the Most of Summer Interns

Internships are a great way to introduce smart, talented potential employees into the company. Interns get valuable career experience and exposure to your company.

However, managing interns isn’t the same as managing employees. A structured internship program can make the experience a good one for the intern and the company. 
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How to Recover From a Sales Slump

Even when you’re doing everything you should – making calls, sending emails, making connections and following up, the hardest working salesperson can experience a slump.

According to, slumps are normal. Everyone, yes everyone, has them. Statistically speaking, all things being equal, dry times are a result of random chance. The same is true for peak sales periods. If you built it, they will come, meaning sales. Hang in, keep working hard and the sales will come back around. 
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Turning Your Impossible-to-Place Accounts into Valuable Residual Commissions

Insurance agents shy away from the PEO market due to misconceptions and outright falsehoods. The most prevalent misunderstanding is that owners and their agents lose control of their respective businesses.

Brokers and clients need to forego black-and-white thinking and explore gray areas needed to service high MOD clients. Learning all the moving parts of the PEO relationship is essential for agents to guide proprietors through fear of losing control. 
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No Need to Sweat Summer Dress Code Policies

Spring has arrived along with flowers, greening trees and grass, and thinner, shorter and lighter fabrics in the workplace are inevitable. Temperatures, depending on where you are, are rising, as are the chances of inappropriate dress in the workplace. Summer dress can be a subconscious signal to employees to dress down. Employees can look more suitable for the beach than the office.

Even in workplaces where casual wardrobe is expected, employees can cross lines of taste, impropriety and office decorum. Employees aren’t children, but stretch boundaries to see how far an organization will bend. 
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