Workers’ Comp Premium Fraud Scandal Uncovered at Florida Business

Workers’ Comp Premium Fraud Scandal Uncovered at Florida Business

For certain companies and lines of work, Workers’ Comp insurance can be pricey – especially if that company has had mismanaged workers’ comp claims in the past. But instead of choosing to work with workers’ comp experts like the ones at Insured Solutions, one Florida businessman decided to take matters into his own hands.

The results were disastrous. 
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How Agents Can Target Millennials – and Score Big

How Agents Can Target Millennials  and Score Big

If you’re looking to boost insurance sales within the coveted 18-34 demographic, also known as Millennials, then listen up.
A recent survey released by AXA global insurance and Alpha UX market research offers some promising insight into the minds of the digital-centric employees we call Millennials. We’ve compiled some of the key takeaways of this survey and translated them into marketing tips that your agency can put into action now.

Tip #1: Reliable Coverage is King.
When asked what the most important aspect of an insurance proposition, Millennials’ top response was “Reliability of Coverage”, followed by “Price” at a close second.
If “Reliable coverage at a fair price” is already your primary marketing messages, stay the course. Surprisingly, “Transparency” and “Mobile app integration” – two things Millennials are assumed to value – were reported as the least important aspects of insurance to the group surveyed. 
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The Zika Virus Is Real. How Do You Protect Your Workers?

The Zika Virus Is Real- How Do You Protect Your Workers

You may have heard about it on TV, in travel blogs, or in the news. But what exactly is the Zika virus, and how does it affect your outdoor work force?

Zika is a virus that spreads when a mosquito bites a person with the virus, then bites another person. It can continue to spread when another person comes in direct contact with the infected person’s bodily fluids, such as exposure to infected blood or through sexual transmission. 
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The U.S. Auto Industry Lives!

The U.S. Auto Industry Lives

Car manufacturing, the most American manufacturing industry there is, died a while ago. But perhaps we shouldn’t be too quick to pull the plug, because recent years have shown a resurgence in the auto manufacturing industry in the U.S. This is due both to increased production by U.S. manufacturers and support from foreign manufacturers. It’s alive!!

Automation alley, an area of Michigan that encompasses Troy, Farmington Hills, and Warren, leads this U.S. resurgence. Automation alley, as the name suggests, is charging into more automated means of production, which is a change from traditional manufacturing. After years of losses, employment in this industry in automation alley is definitely on the rise. 
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