Political Talk at Work

Politically, division is at a high mark. But how should an HR professional handle political debates at work?

Keeping a delicate balance between free speech, hostile work environments, and productivity is a real challenge for any organization. 
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HR – How to Celebrate and Build Inclusion

Human resource managers are the gatekeepers of corporate culture and are responsible for the organization’s event calendar.

There’s a right way to celebrate and a wrong way. 
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Sales, Small Changes Big Returns

Sales is a numbers game, but at times, you need to step back and reassess your strategies and goals. To get the biggest return on your efforts, a few tweaks may help you meet and exceed those numbers.

When competition for your product is fierce, distinguish yourself. Ask yourself what you stand for and why. Your answer will provide a pathway to enter the prospect’s world, whether online or in person. 
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The most common HR challenges and how to handle them.

Human resource pros have seen it all, but it’s always a good idea to be reminded of some of the most common challenges HR managers face and how handling these challenges professionally and effectively can keep the company in balance.

According to Natural HR, the following are the most common hurdles: 
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