Staff Spotlight – Gwenda Catalano and Lisette Torano

Get to know Insured Solutions’ new employees Gwenda Catalano and Lisette Torano! 
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Staff Spotlight – Kayla Park

Kayla fam pic w fun facts

Get to know Insured Solutions’ project manager Kayla Park with this Q&A!

Q: Where you were born?
A: I was born in Duluth, GA, on March 29 at Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital. 
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Be on the Lookout for Workers’ Comp Opt-Out Plans

Wokers comp opt out

Companies have begun opting out of state workers’ compensation plans and making their own. For the moment, it’s contained to Texas and Oklahoma, though Tennessee and South Carolina are giving the notion serious consideration. But, when big businesses in other parts of the country get a look at the cost savings, we could be looking at a full-blown pandemic.

An independent analysis of these opt-out plans compared to state workers’ comp found some genuinely disturbing facts. 
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The Duty to Care

The Duty to Care

As an employer, you have a duty to your employees, the biggest of which is to care. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always and if you shirk your duty, you can find yourself in a heap of trouble if an injury suit comes up.

Things to Care About
There is a list of legal principles to which employers should adhere, that make up their duty to care. These include: 
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