Insured Solutions Attends Avitus Group’s Annual Meeting


Insured Solutions attended Avitus Group’s annual meeting in Montana this past week. Congratulations on your success Avitus Group, we look forward to what is next!  
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We Don’t Believe In “All Work No Play”

UGA game 2

UGA game 1

Our company is all business when it comes to workers’ compensation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time! This past weekend Insured Solutions hosted a group to the GA vs. AL football game. That’s right, the sales team and agents took a bus ride to Athens, GA where the fun continued in the form of a tailgate party before and after the game. Definitely a fun day, despite the rain! 
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Claim Reporting Basics, Part 3: The Claim Reporting Trap

Part 3 claim reporting

This is a continuation of our four-part series on claims reporting. Missed Part 2: Reporting of Injuries by the Employer? Click here! 

“I think I’m injured!!

As an employer, those should be the most chilling words you can think of. Not just because you care about your employees as people, but because those words can cost you and cost you dearly. 
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Claim Reporting Basics, Part 4: Rules of Claim Reporting and Notice To Employees

Claim reporting 4 

Claim Reporting Basics, Part 4- Rules of Claim Reporting

An employee might report an injury to you, and your response is to tell him to walk it off and get back to work — it’s just a little strain. 
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