Retire Early to Live Longer?

It’s not the act of retirement but what you do during that time that may help you live longer.

Having a purposeful life, staying active and avoiding stress are the main ways to live longer in retirement. 
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Business Cards Still Matter

Social media may be the newest introduction tool to target prospects, but the tried-and-true physical business card is still the best way to leave a lasting impression. Targets can ignore your posts, but it’s harder to ignore someone right in front of you who offers you something. The recipient is a captive audience until someone else joins your group. According to Money, “In-person introductions still rule the networking world, and business cards are still its currency.”

Your calling card is your leave-behind elevator pitch and a branding tool for you and your organization. At conferences, meet-and-greets and yes, even on the elevator, placing your card into the hand of a target or influencer can’t be beat. Step one down. They may even put your card in their wallet – step two. But after the prospect moves out of sight, how does your card rise to the top of the competitor or networking pile? 
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Selling Styles

Your selling style may determine your success. Style is a reflection of personality. If you’re aggressive, you’ll tend to sell that way, or if you like to build relationships, you’ll work collaboratively with your prospect.

Whichever way you go, make sure the prospect is always at the forefront – after all, they can green light or slam on the brakes. Several styles are listed below. Take a look in the mirror and find out which style you favor. 
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How Do HR Recruiters Find Offline Candidates?

In the age of social media, we assume everyone has an iPhone/iPad/iWatch or an Android device attached like an umbilical cord. But is that really true?

Of the millions (maybe billions) of recruits on social media, there are millions who aren’t. Yes, most are older. But Millennials are sidestepping social media in favor of “private exchanges instead of public posts” for more intimate communication, according to CheatSheet. 
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