Make HR a Profit Center

HR departments are like Rodney Dangerfield. They get no respect. At least not from senior management, says Jacob Shriar, former content director for Officevibe. Upper management thinks of HR as a cost center instead of its real role: a profit center.

But did you know that the average human resources department gets only 4 percent of a company’s budget dollars. Why? 
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Sexual Harassment -What are True Deterrents?

Sexual harassment is big news right now. From Congress to Hollywood and everywhere in between, employees are reporting harassment at the hands of managers or colleagues in greater numbers.

Even when sexual harassment is technically not illegal, it’s important to prevent the behavior. Talented employees leave, your company’s reputation suffers and other employees get the idea that it’s acceptable when no action is taken. 
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Sales: What Works, What Doesn’t

Humans aren’t great at adapting to change. When we find a comfort level, we often stop evolving. But mixing it up once in a while can invigorate your sales process. Even if your technique works, another may work even better.

First, review proven approaches. Although one may fit your personality better than another, make sure you know how to switch gears when your prospect doesn’t respond. 
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Apps to De-stress Employees

Stress contributes to employee illness, absence and turnover; and impacts on-the-job happiness, productivity and even safety.

Prevention is essential, but regardless of the causes, finding a way to decrease tension and anxiety is easier than ever with apps designed to combat stress. Many are free. 
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