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When Tuning in Means Tuning Out – the Effects of Music on Workplace Safety


The year was 1987. The popularity of the personal Walkman (for listening to a rockin’ cassette collection) was skyrocketing. Due to growing safety concerns and an increasing risk of accidents, OSHA issued a memo that year prohibiting the use of Walkmen in certain workplaces with high noise levels.

Fast forward to 2016. iPhone’s and Podcasts are at their height of popularity, and music streaming services are everywhere you turn. More than ever, people love listening to media at work through their headphones. But is there still reason to be concerned about safety? 
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Auto Insurance, in the Time of Ridesharing Apps


In today’s fast-paced technology age, it’s very common for a new technology to come along that completely changes the way we, as a society, view the status quo. Around 2012, the rising popularity of an app called “Uber” introduced us to a brand new way to hail a ride – and for the taxi and transportation industry, things haven’t been the same since.

However, for insurance carriers and their clients, the transition into the new nationwide standard for getting around hasn’t been swift or seamless. So what exactly made this shift so confusing and difficult? 
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OSHA Changes Employer Post Accident Drug Testing Rules Effective 11/1/16

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How to Keep Pokémon Go from Jeopardizing Workplace Safety

How to Keep Pokémon Go from Jeopardizing Workplace Safety

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Pokémon GO, seen it being played, or maybe are even a trainer yourself. Since its July release, the popularity of this app-based augmented reality game has seemed to only rise.

However, unlike other distracting and addicting smartphone games, the premise of Pokémon Go is to, well, go. The game requires players to physically walk around, often while looking at their screen for creatures to capture or items to collect. Of course, the games’ publisher Niantic has covered their bases by delivering a warning during the load screen that cautions players to be aware of their surroundings while playing. But still, accidents are undoubtedly going to happen. 
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Conveyor Belt Safety

Conveyer Belt Safety

Conveyors are useful tools in production, but can be extremely hazardous if not used properly. Train your employees well, post the rules clearly and male sure that all workers who work with or near conveyor belts are well educated on using them safely.

Loose clothing is a hazard around conveyer belts because it can become entangled in the machinery. Instruct your employees to wear close-fitting clothes. Long hair presents a similar hazard. It always should be tied back or covered. In case items fly off the conveyor belt during its use, employees should wear sturdy shoes and eye protection. And if the area is dusty, masks may also be useful. 
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