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Bullies, Aggressors and Intimidators – Oh My!

Dealing with Workplace Aggression

Every year, according to the US Department of Labor, two million workers have endured non-fatal violence in the workplace. Abusers can take many forms. Over 40 percent of bullies are direct supervisors, Over 7% work under the victim, and the rest are co-workers on the same level. 
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Be a Salesperson Clients Adore

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Prescription Drug Abuse: Being There for Your Employees Saves Money and Lives.

Recently, the National Safety Council released an eye-opening study about prescription drug abuse. According to the survey, 71% of employers are currently feeling the direct impact of prescription drug misuse in their workplaces. 65% say they would consider it a fireable offense. However, only 39% of employers view prescription drug use as a threat to safety, and only 24% feel it is a problem.

When it comes to prescription drug abuse, these responses have seemed to uncover a disconnect between an employer’s perception and the facts. Here are a few of those facts, also from the analysis: 
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How to Sell Using DISC Communication Techniques

Did you miss our very informative webinar, hosted by Vince Esposito on how you can use DISC Communication Techniques to sell? 

People buy from those they know, they like and most importantly…they TRUST. But, how do you achieve this? In this webinar, Vince goes over DISC Communication and gives you the tools to communicate more effectively and connect better with your clients. After watching, you will have the tools to: 
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The Top Five Most Dangerous Jobs in Construction

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