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How Does Employee Stress Affect Workers’ Comp Claims?

The word is in and the studies agree: the whole country is stressed out.

For years, there’s been a trend of stress in the workplace—and it’s only getting worse. Some of the most cited causes of stress are long commutes, poor work-life balance, stagnant pay, and demanding workload. 
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4 Crazy Workers Comp Payouts (and How They Could Have Been Avoided)

4 Crazy Workers Comp Payouts (and How They Could Have Been Avoided)

Workers’ Compensation laws differ from state to state, and the courts and boards who interpret those laws have seen some pretty strange things over the years. Just for fun, let’s look at some of the most bizarre Workers’ Comp claims that were actually paid – and discuss how the employer may have avoided them. 
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Providing insurance for nonprofits and social services


Looking to broaden your customer base to include nonprofits and social services organizations? Smart move – while nonprofits have their own unique risks, it is also a softening market that has a lot to offer.

However, the competition for coverage can be pretty fierce. As an agent, what can you offer a nonprofit in order to meet their needs and keep them happy? Here are a few things to know in order to make your partnership a success. 
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Returning an Employee to Work After an Injury


Let’s face it,  no one wants an employee to sustain an injury on the job. All other considerations aside, a person is hurt, and the only real focus should be on him or her recovering from that injury.

Bringing an injured employee back to work too soon can be disastrous, but at the same time, making sure he or she comes back to work as soon as they’re able to is important to the company’s bottom line. Why? Glad you asked. 
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The Future Is Now: Self-driving Cars

self driving car

Imagine your typical Monday. You wake up, shower, dress, and step out the door to head to work. Instead of walking towards your garage, however, you make your way down to the street and check your watch; it’s 7:29am. As the minute ticks over to 7:30am, your car turns the corner and comes to a stop just in front of you, without anyone driving it. You climb in, select your workplace as your destination, and start buttering your breakfast toast as the car begins to pull away. One newspaper article and cup of coffee later, you’ve arrived at the front door of your building. You step out and head inside as your car pilots itself back towards home, waiting for other family members to need a lift. The entire time, the vehicle never requires you to operate any controls, or even be facing the front of the car for that matter.

As you read that story, you probably found yourself experiencing a conflicting mixture of awe, excitement, concern, and fear. The appealing notions of increased productivity or time to relax during your daily commute are tempered by the understandable concern for your own safety. Can I really trust a computer to get me there safely? What if a hacker takes control of my self-driving car? Who’s responsible for an accident when there’s a microchip behind the wheel? 
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