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Selling Insurance Over the Phone

No one likes to cold call – okay there are a few, but the number is limited. Cold calling can be lucrative and fulfilling if you don’t let anxiety put you in a negative state before you begin.

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Pitfalls of Social Media


If you don’t use social media, you’re a societal pariah. And in sales, to look current and to capture every potential opportunity, social media is a must. 
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Workers Comp and Immigration Status

Florida’s Senate Banking and Insurance Committee approved a bill to eliminate part of a 2003 state law that makes it a felony and denies benefits to injured workers even if they knowingly presented falsified identification for employment, according to a PEO Compass article by Rada Kleyman.

According to the official Florida Senate website, effective Oct. 1, 2018, Florida’s workers’ compensation law will include a provision to immunize any worker from prosecution for pursuing workers’ comp even if the injured employee (whether through the company or a surrogate such as an employment agency) presented false identification or made knowingly untrue statement to gain employment. The worker’s citizenship, residency or employment status may no longer be the basis for denial of benefits 
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Downside to Full Pay Transparency?

Full pay transparency gives all employees access to the salaries or hourly wages of every other worker in the organization.

But is this a good idea? 
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Retire Early to Live Longer?

It’s not the act of retirement but what you do during that time that may help you live longer.

Having a purposeful life, staying active and avoiding stress are the main ways to live longer in retirement. 
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