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Drones in the Workplace: Safety Advocate, Privacy Liability, or Both?

Drones in the Workplace Safety Advocate Privacy Liability or Both

Thanks to early cases of misuse and privacy concerns, drones often get a bad rap as being a scary and dangerous new technology. However, one of the reasons for the explosive growth of drones is its promise of making work go faster, more easily, or more safely within a variety of industries. For example, there are several ways in which drones are already being implemented in construction and manufacturing industries as a way to improve workplace safety.

Drones are small, lightweight, and mobile. By sending a drone on a reconnaissance mission into an elevated or high-risk work area, they can send pictures back that will warn workers of any hazards or safety issues. Plus, with further robotic improvements, they may even be able to perform some tasks at a height, such as welding or drilling. 
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How to Fight Back Against Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Part 2

return to work pt2

Part Two of Two on Fighting Fraud with Insured Solutions

In our last blog, we told you a little about Workers’ Comp Fraud and how it can be committed, either knowingly or unknowingly, by both employees and health care providers. Today’s subject matter is a little brighter – we’ll explain Insured Solutions’ step-by-step plan to combat Workers’ Comp Fraud and get businesses (and their employees) back on track after an injury. 
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Transgender Rights in the (California) Workplace


There’s been a lot of discussion recently, probably more than at any time in history — about people who identify themselves as transgender. Transgendered people have been part of society for decades, but only within the past few years have many of them felt safe in identifying themselves as transgendered.

While there’s has been a great deal of positivity toward the transgendered community, some people are still uncomfortable with, or confused by, the idea. If you are unsure how you should treat a transgendered person, it’s very simple — with respect, just like everybody else. 
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Workers’ Comp Fraud: Is It a Big Deal?

Teenager in handcuffs

Workers’ compensation, when managed properly and honestly, is a vital form of insurance that protects employees who are injured on the job through no fault of their own. When the injury is especially grave and/or requires significant time away from the job, workers’ comp becomes all the more important.

But the main issue with workers’ comp is that some people who wind up collecting feel like they’ve won the lottery – they’re getting paid and they don’t have to go to work. It’s the American Dream, right? So why would they admit that they’re completely healed – or that they were never really particularly injured in the first place – when they can just go on receiving paychecks for doing nothing? That’s exactly why workers’ comp fraud is such an issue. 
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Workers’ Comp Medical Costs Expected to Rise 4% in Coming Years

Do medical costs ever go down? 
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