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How to Establish and Right-Size Salary Ranges

For every job, there is a salary range, and for every salary range, there are factors (both internal and external) that play into determining that rage. These days, there is also no shortage of online market data which employees can use to bolster their request for a pay increase, come review time. Job title, location, education, years of experience, number of direct reports, performance data, etc. are all data points used to calculate a projected annual salary. 
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Five Ways to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Longevity at the workplace was once commonplace. Employers now are faced with improving tangible benefits (e.g. unlimited PTO, extended maternity/paternity leave, profit sharing, or stock options) to sway employees into staying onboard longer or to lure good candidates through the door. For example, of the people planning to look for a job this year, more than 54%[1] started their current job less than a year ago. 
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Tired Employees


After a survey of over 2,000 workers performed in early 2018, the National Safety Council pointed to fatigue as a factor in 13 percent of workplace accidents, which negatively impacted 90 percent of employers. 
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Political Talk at Work

Politically, division is at a high mark. But how should an HR professional handle political debates at work?

Keeping a delicate balance between free speech, hostile work environments, and productivity is a real challenge for any organization. 
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HR – How to Celebrate and Build Inclusion

Human resource managers are the gatekeepers of corporate culture and are responsible for the organization’s event calendar.

There’s a right way to celebrate and a wrong way. 
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