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Leading Performance Review Trends for 2019

Not all businesses approach performance reviews in the same way. For example, some organizations may define performance reviews as the annual one-on-one meeting with an employee and their manager to discuss their job performance and professional growth over the last year. Others may schedule more frequent check-ins to share updates and provide feedback each month or once per quarter. 
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Workers Comp and Immigration Status

Florida’s Senate Banking and Insurance Committee approved a bill to eliminate part of a 2003 state law that makes it a felony and denies benefits to injured workers even if they knowingly presented falsified identification for employment, according to a PEO Compass article by Rada Kleyman.

According to the official Florida Senate website, effective Oct. 1, 2018, Florida’s workers’ compensation law will include a provision to immunize any worker from prosecution for pursuing workers’ comp even if the injured employee (whether through the company or a surrogate such as an employment agency) presented false identification or made knowingly untrue statement to gain employment. The worker’s citizenship, residency or employment status may no longer be the basis for denial of benefits 
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What Is a PEO and Why Should My Clients Use One?

Your clients know that Human Resources play an important role in any organization. They may even realize that fluidity in HR practices can allow their organization to stay ahead of market forces. However, they probably also know that creating smart HR processes and executing them well takes time and expertise. This is particularly true if the organization has some amount of workforce challenges, such as high turnover or high risk for on-the-job injuries.

If this sounds like your clients, you may want to relay to them the benefits of hiring a PEO. 
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Three Reasons Workers’ Comp Insurance Is the Rise (and What You Can Do About It)

In recent years, the U.S. has seen pretty flat loss costs within workers’ compensation premiums, and even a slight decline in claims costs. For the time being, this has meant lower premiums for businesses. But a recent study predicts that will soon change.

A Hartford, Connecticut-based investment firm released a report last year that showed a few reasons why workers’ compensation underwriters can expect to see loss costs increase—and why businesses may see workers’ comp insurance premiums rise. 
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9 Mistakes Commercial Insurance Agents Make

9 Mistakes Insurance Agents Make

This article is about common mistakes that salespeople make in the commercial insurance industry. The fact that you are reading it is indicative that you’re not making the single biggest mistake: not investing in yourself.

Many salespeople are overly concerned about making the sale and collecting a paycheck – they forget to maintain and enhance the skills they already have. Businesses constantly beat the drum for “continuous improvement,” and you need to adopt that mantra as well to stay ahead of the game. So read that book, attend that seminar, or listen to that coach – do what you need to do to stay ahead of the game. 
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