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The New Struggle: Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test

The New Struggle Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test

Company drug testing has been around for a long time now, but when it was first introduced, there was nowhere in the United States where recreational drug use was legal. Now four states and the District of Columbia have fully legalized marijuana, and 20 more have some form of legalized marijuana use. How does that affect companies that won’t hire applicants who fail drug tests?

It turns out- that point might be moot, because so many candidates aren’t even bothering to get past the drug test portion of the screening process. That’s right, people who are applying for jobs even in states where drugs are still illegal just give up when it comes time to be tested. 
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How to Fight Back Against Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Part 2

return to work pt2

Part Two of Two on Fighting Fraud with Insured Solutions

In our last blog, we told you a little about Workers’ Comp Fraud and how it can be committed, either knowingly or unknowingly, by both employees and health care providers. Today’s subject matter is a little brighter – we’ll explain Insured Solutions’ step-by-step plan to combat Workers’ Comp Fraud and get businesses (and their employees) back on track after an injury. 
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Returning an Employee to Work After an Injury


Let’s face it,  no one wants an employee to sustain an injury on the job. All other considerations aside, a person is hurt, and the only real focus should be on him or her recovering from that injury.

Bringing an injured employee back to work too soon can be disastrous, but at the same time, making sure he or she comes back to work as soon as they’re able to is important to the company’s bottom line. Why? Glad you asked. 
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What is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Workers Comp Fraud 1

What is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Part One of Two on Fighting Fraud with Insured Solutions 
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Claim Reporting Basics, Part 1

Claims Reporting part 1

When it comes to workers’ compensation, claims reporting is one of the most difficult subjects to try and wrap your head around. But understanding it is vital so that you don’t make a mistake that could end up costing you in the end. Let’s learn a little more about it, shall we?

No matter where you are in the country, every state’s rules are the same: employers must report every on-the-job injury. That might seem pretty straightforward, until you realize what it encompasses: a complaint, a whimper, a rumor, a hint, an expression of pain – anything that could possibly, in any way, result in an employee seeking a doctor’s care. 
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