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Should an employer report minor claims?

All soft tissue injuries must be reported - no exceptions. Very minor cuts can be handled with a band-aid internally and documented on a First Aid log. All injuries except these "band-aid cuts" must be submitted to workers' comp to avoid penalties imposed by the state. Each state has their own definition of approved first aid. To be safe, stick to the band-aid rule.

Reporting a claim starts the process of control. Cost is contained through standard pricing negotiated with doctors within MPNs. By capturing the claim as soon as it happens, the employee gets treatment early and can head off a bigger problem.

The following real-life example shows why it's so important to report a claim or file a report. An employee cut their finger and said, “It’s okay, no big deal, it’s nothing.” The cut wasn’t treated and later became infected. As a result, the tip of the finger had to be amputated. A simple visit to the clinic to wash out the cut, apply an antibiotic to the wound and have gotten a tetanus shot, may have not only saved the employee’s finger but also much anguish. In addition it could have saved the employer lots of money as this will have a significant negative impact on the company's MOD for 3 years.

Moral, never assume an employee’s injury will be okay. Always report.

Insured Solutions has a 24/7 nurse hotline that its' clients can use to assist them to make a prudent decision regarding further treatment of an injury. Never assume. If an employee refuses treatment, at a minimum, have them sign a waiver stating that refusing treatment is against the company’s better judgment and the responsibility falls on the employee.