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Is behavioral testing available to help reduce workers’ comp fraud?

Yes, there are tools that can help prevent fraud by eliminating questionable hires before they can commit fraud.

A questionnaire that works as a screening tool is highly recommended for pre-employment to avoid costly workers' comp claims, to curb potential fraud before it happens, and to avoid safety problems within the workplace. Behavioral testing is the single most effective step that employers can take to avoid fraud. Promoting and emphasizing integrity in the workplace is the other part of the equation.

Integrity screenings can pick up tendencies toward theft, entitlement, drug use, lying and hostility that employers need to address but have a hard time legally assessing on their own. A questionnaire that requires a series of responses is an often-employed tool that can filter out prospective employees before they get on the payroll.

These questions are constructed to draw out behaviors that are red flags to the employer and may be hazardous to other employees in the workplace. The 72-question screening tool that Insured Solutions employs has a 35-year track record and has been a favorite of numerous Fortune 500 companies.