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Report a Workers' Compensation Claim

Before completing the claim reporting documents, please ensure the injured worker has been cared for immediately.

For Emergencies, get the injured worker to the nearest emergency facility. For Non-Emergencies, send or take injured worker to an approved doctor or facility.

Should the Injured Worker refuse doctors care, please have them complete Refusal of Doctors Care, which can be found here (English / Español).

Please be certain the facility performs a drug test on the Employee.

For video instructions on how to report a claim, click here.

For written instructions and claim forms, click here.

In addition to the state FROI, the following forms will also need to be completed / reviewed:

How to Report a Claim (English / Español) – Walks through each step that needs to be followed when reporting a claim.

Workers' Compensation Supplemental Questions (English / Español) - To be completed and signed by client contact reporting the claim

Supervisor Incident Investigation Report (English / Español) – To be completed and signed by supervisor.

Witness Statement (English / Español) – If witnesses are available, they will need to complete and sign this form.

Injured Employee – Accident Investigation Report (English / Español) – To be completed by employee and signed by both employee and supervisor.

The forms noted above can be uploaded here , or they can be emailed to

To access additional information regarding claim reporting, please visit our risk management library here.