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PEO Exchange

A Division of Insured Solutions

Insured Solutions has partnered with the nation's premier PEOs to assist agents with their submissions, placement, and client enrollments. These PEOs combine payroll services, workers' compensation, risk management, EPLI and GL on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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Payroll Administration

  • Payroll Processing, Checks and Distribution
  • Federal and State Tax Deposits
  • Web Based Online Reporting
  • 2 Portals - Employer and Employee
  • $2 Million Insurance Bond for your Protection

HR Consulting and Government Compliance

  • HR and Employee Benefits
  • Local, State, and Federal Government Compliance
  • Staffing and Background Checks
  • Employee Background Checks

Workers' Compensation

  • No Premium Deposit; Pay-As-You-Go
  • No Audit
  • Low Group Rates
  • All Premiums Paid and Reconciled on Your Behalf

Employee Benefits

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • ACA Reporting

PEO Exchange Carrier and Underwriting Guidelines

Market National PEO (Zurich) Combined Workers' Comp. and Payroll Services National PEO (AIG) Combined Workers' Comp. and Payroll Svcs
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Rating A A
States Available All but monopolistic All but monopolistic
Submission Requirements Completed ACORD (must be sure to include employee counts), eMod, minimum three years loss runs valued within 30-60 days Completed ACORD, eMod, minimum three years loss runs valued within 90 days, payroll/premium history
Additional Requirements Minimum of $100k payroll required, eMods over 1.60 require further review, need details of claims over $25k, need to know reason for any lapse in coverage eMod must be 1.50 or lower, 40% loss ratio or better
Appetite Framers, incidental delivery other than food, new in business with prior experience can be approved, USL&H available for dock workers but no on-water exposure, staffing can be submitted but tougher to place Home health, assisted living, manufacturing, pizza delivery, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, limo services if not start-up, incidental delivery for manufacturers is okay, janitorial with no heights, concrete/stone cutting, non-emergency ambulance, towing if incidental to primary operation, excavation
General Exclusions No heights over 20 feet, no roofing, no trucking, no towing, no weapons carrying, no mold/asbestos, no food delivery, volunteers/interns must have coverage elsewhere, no farms or ranching, no mining, no rock/quarry, no butcher/meat products manufacturing, no foundry, no welding, no electroplating, no aviation, no oil refineries, no gas/well, no explosives/ammunition, no sprinkler installation within buildings, no street construction, no hazarous material hauling/treatment/storage, no athletic teams, no child care No heights, no roofers, no steel erection, no asbestos, no trucking, no towing companies, no sewers, no seasonal workers, no aviation, no oil/gas, no explosives, no firearms, no tunnel.subway maintenance or construction, no hazardous materials, no General Contractors, no 24 hour operations such as convenience store or gas stations, no rock/quarries, no sandblasting, no logging
Turnaround Depending on risk Depending on risk
Market Regional PEO Program (Zurich NA)
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Rating A+
States Available AL, GA, FL Only
Submission Requirements Completed ACORD, 3 years loss runs valued within 90 days, eMod
Additional Requirements Must do pre-bind safety inspection.
Appetite Heights okay, roofing, framing, sheet metal, masonry, structural concrete, painters,.
General Exclusions No cell towers, mo temp staffing, no long-haul, no pest control with tenting.
Turnaround Unknown