Minimum annual payroll of $200,000 is required.

Restricted Classes (Not Inclusive, Requires Additional Underwriting)

  • Asbestos work
  • Oil/gas pipeline, dam, dike, levee construction, tunneling, bridgework, elevator repair/installation, caisson work, tank inspection/repair, blasting, demolition, underpinning, dredging, concrete construction, nuclear power plant, etc)
  • Heavy Manufacturing operations (including but not limited to foundry, chemical, galvanizing, electroplating, batteries, explosives, heavy steel fabrication, etc.)
  • Home Health Care Ineligible Classes (Not Inclusive)
  • Day Laborers (including but not limited to farming, agricultural or construction)
  • Any risk with a known exposure under Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act, Admiralty Law, Federal Employers? Liability Act, Defense Base Act, Outer Continental Shelf Act or Jones Act
  • Professional Sports Teams